Sick Of Building Worthless Blogs That Don't Make Money?

Finally... If You Can Spare 3 Minutes, You Can Funnel Blog Commenters Into Your Autoresponder Lists! Turn Useless Blog Content Into Repeat, Income Generating Traffic...

Skills Required? Copy-and-Paste!

One of the first things I noticed when creating blogs and sales letters was that, if your call-to-action isn't clear, you won't get what you want.

Having one call to action is like running water across a pipe... it travels in a single direction and gets to where it's going... fast.

Having multiple calls-to-action is like running water across a pipe... with lots of little holes drilled into it. The water will dribble in all directions.

Since I created my first blog, I struggled with what call-to-action I wanted to give my visitors. Did I want them to buy now? Did I want them to leave a comment? Subscribe to RSS? Click on AdSense ads?

Opt-In To My E-Mail List So I Can Continue
To Contact Them Over Time?

So many choices... and because there was more than ONE choice... I was losing potential visitors and missing out on easy money.

That's why I created Action Comments, the WordPress plugin that SNATCHES your visitors' information from your blog comment forms... and adds them to your mailing list.

You only need to worry about one thing: getting someone to leave a comment on your blog. You get a visitor to leave a comment (even a quick one) and they feel like they're contributing to your site. When they receive messages from you, it psychologically feels more like a 2-way conversation instead of a 1-way lecture.

Continue reading this page ONLY if...

  • You want to turn your blog traffic into cold hard cash...
  • You'd be happy with more buyers and subscribers than you have right now...
  • You want to quickly and easily create blogs that will continue to generate streams for months or years to come...

Nobody should be allowed to use a blog to build up a list until they get their hands on a shiny new copy of the Action Comments premium WordPress plugin.

Here's what happens: you upload and activate the WordPress plugin on your blog, paste in your autoresponder's HTML code, then choose how you will offer a subscription to your list to your commenters.

One option is, Action Comments will place a checkbox underneath the comment form. It's already checked, so after someone leaves you a comment, they have to uncheck the box to stay off your list. Chances are if they are taking the time to leave you a comment, they're already hungry for information.

For The Aggressive List Builders Out There...

You can choose to show an "alert" box to get people to sign up. The comment form looks like a regular blog comment form, but when they try to submit that comment, an unblockable JavaScript box pops up on the screen and asks if they'd like to sign up to your list with whatever message you choose.

Offer them a bribe for signing up, if you want!

Black hat list builders... listen up! You can even use Action Comments to QUIETLY build your list in the background. This last choice is only for people who REALLY know what they're doing... and take careful steps to build a responsible, double opt-in list.

People submit a comment on your blog... and you state below the comment form that they will get a freebie for subscribing... they check their e-mail and you tell them you want them to confirm their address to get the freebie. They confirm... and you have one more prospect on your list!

Instead of trying to convert some readers into commenters, some readers into buyers, and some readers into subscribers, you're converting ALL commenters into subscribers.

This works with any autoresponder service... Aweber, GetResponse, 1ShoppingCart, ListMail Pro, it doesn't matter... remotely hosted, locally hosted... if it exists, it'll work!

You can still place a regular opt-in form on your blog, plus gather subscribers using the comment form... that combination can only IMPROVE your subscriber conversion rate.

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Because this is a WordPress plugin, it's a super easy install. You upload one folder, then login to your WordPress dashboard to turn it on and customize it. There's no editing files, setting up databases or permissions... not even close.

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Even Advanced Marketers Can Use This Action Comments to List Build Their Way to Success!

Since Action Comments allows people to subscribe to your autoresponder with ONE CLICK when they leave a comment... you can build a big list very quickly if you have a popular blog that generates lots of comments.

And then you can take your comment form marketing to the next level by laser-targeting your offer to your commenters:

  • You can specify custom "subscribe to newsletter" text for a specific post or even an entire category...
  • You can SPECIFY what e-mail list (or sublist) people subscribe to for a specific post or an entire category!
  • You can redirect people to any URL you choose the first time they leave a comment... and apply that to a specific post, a whole category, or your entire blog!
  • Heck, this even integrates with GoToWebinar forms! Just paste your invitation link into the plugin... and it figures it all out for you!

If You Don't Have Action Comments Yet, You Are Depriving Yourself Of Repeat Blog Visitors, Commenters, Subscribers, And Buyers!

Action Comments comes with the WordPress plugin, standalone PHP script, and a quickstart installation video so it's impossible for you to fail. Use your blog to build your e-mail list in the next 3 minutes... or less!

The bottom line: As soon as you stop treating your blog like a hobby and start treating it like a business, with regular content, a follow-up system, and backend products, you can enjoy the recurring income most of your blogging peers enjoy... but won't tell you about.

If you have any hesitations about buying, forget about them this instant. I offer a full 60-day money back guarantee. If you decide between now and the next two months that Action Comments is a complete waste of your time, return it and I will refund your money.

How You Can Get A Copy Of Action Comments...

Click the order button below, fill in your information and click the Continue button to purchase... for less than the price of a pizza.

You'll be redirected to a download page where you can IMMEDIATELY grab your copy even if it's 2 AM. The process is 100% automated and you don't have to wait around for me to manually process your order.

You'll also get an e-mail containing your download link so you'll never lose it again. I'll give you the chance to subscribe to an update list so you can receive free updates of Action Comments for a full 365 days.

Action Comments is a WordPress plugin.
It requires PHP and WordPress (both free) to work on your web server.

You also need an autoresponder... any autoresponder service will work!

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